Take a look at this honest Commission Hero review. Will Commission Hero has become a massive success in its bid to revolutionise the MLM industry? Or will it fall flat, with many people viewing it as another case of too much?’. In this Commission Hero Overview, I want to explore whether or not this training program is a scam or if it’s a legitimate home-based business opportunity. Will it make you rich, or will you be left ‘shocked’ and disappointed at the lack of money that comes in? In this Commission Hero 2020 Review: Is This Training Program By Robby Blanchard Legit?

Commission Hero 2021 Review Is This Course By Robby Blanchard Legit

Will Commission Hero helps you ‘one up’ your competitors? If you’re looking to beat up on your competition, this isn’t the eBook for you. On the other hand, if you feel you’re a laggardly sales rep, struggling to close prospects and chasing them away with Tactics X and Y, then this is going to be the eBook for you. But first…

Let’s get one thing straight. No matter how qualified you are, there is no magic bullet to MLM. Nor is there any single easy answer to making cold calls. And this book is about that in spades, right from the get-go. There’s plenty of useful information about making cold calls, but much of it is aimed at those already involved in Network Marketing.

The course does, however, throw some light on Outsourcing. Specifically, we’ll discuss cold calling, leveraging your list, social media and how to leverage your downline. I’ll skip the technical jargon and let you read the book, so if you’re interested in these topics don’t be afraid to skip to the end and I’ll fill you in. However, the majority of the content in Commission Hero focuses on the application of what you learn in the course to your own sales efforts.

So how does this course compare to The Big Ticket To Wealth? I liked that this book took a more conversational approach to teaching prospects. Some other courses go ‘heavy-duty’ and assume you’re already experienced with network marketing and know all the tricks of the trade. While I’m not necessarily averse to this strategy, I prefer to keep things casual. I’d rather hear something like “hey, what’s your favourite ice cream flavour anyway?” than have a course full of technical terms and lingo.

This course is a fine overall introduction to the world of Network Marketing. It is brief, straight to the point and well organized. It could stand alone as a good read for people who are already involved in the industry. For those just starting out, it’s a great place to start.