The Magic Book of Cookery

The Magic Book of Cookery

There used to be a spot called Cheb in a far off corner of Central Europe. Thinking back to the seventeenth century it was as yet in the Kingdom of Bohemia. It was a flawless town, encircled by mountains and a great woods.

For a long time witches had been pursued, and thus agnostics needed to cover up, deny their convictions and profess to be normal individuals from the local area. One gathering of them that at that point turned into a mysterious society. They considered themselves The Friends of Euphrosyne.

Euphrosyne is the Greek goddess of bliss and chuckling. She is carefree and insightful. With her two sisters (Thalia and Aglaea) they are known as the “Three Graces”, an amazing trinity whom a couple of antiquated secret agnostic factions used to venerate.

Euphrosyne is there to remind us to give up and have a great time. She advises us to be glad for what we are, and to be enabled by our agreeability. She additionally reminds us to chuckle sometimes. All things considered, chuckling is probably the best blessing we have.

The Friends of Euphrosyne went to this god after they found that the best wizardry was that done with fun, euphoria and the soul of kinship. They built up their customs over the long run so they could without much of a stretch be disguised or absorbed into get-togethers.

Madame Magdalena was the coven’s High Priestess, the book author Witch and gatekeeper. Her family line came from an amazing witch parentage; she was glad for it and was prepared to secure her family’s intelligence and customs with her life. Simultaneously, she was likewise mindful of the hazardous occasions she needed to confront.

The mysterious society rehearsed their specialty in harmony for quite a while before they were found by some German witch-trackers who announced them to the Bishop of Prague. They were blamed for black magic, yet before they could be captured, the entire coven evaporated. They say the individuals spread around Europe and abroad. The witch-tracker never discovered their book of shadows.

The book containing every one of their ceremonies was known as The Magic Book of Cookery. In the years after the coven was disbanded the book went around Europe and the Americas. For a long time it was remained careful and secured, yet now the time has come to uncover its privileged insights and make it become known. It is a book of antiquated intelligence. May you appreciate it with your companions and use it to add some additional fun and delight to your life.