A typical confusion numerous individuals have with respect to Islam is that it was spread by blade. Numerous individuals believe that Islam was won since Muslims requested individuals to change over or they will be murdered. At the point when we analyze both Islamic sacred writings and history, we find this is bogus.

Prophet Muhammad remained in Mecca for a long time educating individuals concerning Islam. Despite the fact that the pioneers of Mecca dismissed the message of Prophet Muhammad and continued oppressing and tormenting Muslims, numerous individuals changed over to Islam. These individuals were not compelled to change over, yet they were really tormented for being Muslims. At the point when Prophet Muhammad called individuals of Medina to grasp Islam, a significant number of them grasped it. At that point Prophet Muhammad relocated to Medina to build up the principal Islamic state. Prophet Muhammad didn’t drive individuals of Medina to become Muslims, however he really cautioned them that all the Arabs will battle them.

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Despite the fact that the Islamic state was frail against Mecca, the individuals of Mecca couldn’t

crush it. Individuals continued entering Islam and moving to Medina. None of these individuals were changed over by blade albeit Islamic state was a lot more fragile.

The Quran is clear when it says that there is no impulse in religion. Non Muslims in an Islamic state pay the Jizya, which is an expense paid by non-Muslims to the Islamic state to ensure them. That, yet the feeble and poor non-Muslims were absolved from paying. It might be said that Muslims attacked various nations to drive them to be Muslims. In reality the explanation behind Islamic triumphs was to assist Islam اذكار الصباح with contacting individuals. At the point when Muslims go to a city, they welcome them to either Islam or to pay the Jizya or to battle. In the initial two alternatives, Muslims won’t attack the city. In the third case, Muslims will battle the city and attack it. Muslims have no point aside from educating individuals regarding the correct method of God to spare them from damnation. All what they need is that Islam contacts these individuals. On the off chance that the power deciding the city denied that Muslim researchers enter the city and educate individuals regarding Islam, at that point they are a hindrance against enlightening individuals concerning the correct method to God. Individuals have the choice either to acknowledge or to dismiss Islam, however the message should contact them.

In reality individuals in certain nations as Indonesia and Malaysia grasped Islam albeit no Muslim armed forces had gone there. Nobody constrained them to change over. They grasped Islam through managing Muslim traders. Non-Muslims live with Muslims in numerous Islamic states. Muslims never constrained them to grasp Islam. A large portion of the Islamic nations were attacked by British, French, Italian and Spanish armed forces and were involved for many years. In the event that Muslims in these nations had to become Muslims, at that point the person who constrained them is not any more decision and they would now be able to leave Islam. Yet, really the European armed forces left these nations and Islam remained. This is a proof that individuals were not compelled to be Muslims, however they are persuaded of Islam.